February is a big birthday month for our family and close friends. This year, the birthday wish was to snow camp. I amended that vision to winter camping, and let the snow campers carry on according to their own terms. But the intersection points were especially wonderful, in a wintery sort of way.

I live and work in the Bay Area, and I play in our local mountains. The last seven days provided one heck of a playground. Looping up and over Donner Summit on eastbound I80 last Friday night hinted at my westbound Highway 50 emergency exit down and around Lake Tahoe the following week. The mountains were caked in snow, driving options were limited, and I was loving it.

Squaw Valley upper mountain

Taking advantage of business development opportunities can turn small businesses into larger companies. But what does the term business development really mean? Traditionally, it represents focused efforts in areas such as developing sales leads, pursuing strategic partnerships, and analyzing mergers and acquisitions. For small companies without big budgets to pursue these areas in a structured and formal way, a simpler business development approach can be helpful and effective.

For the small business owner, cultivating business development opportunities could involve finding, exploring and maintaining connections that can be valuable later on.

Whether you are large or small, every business can benefit…

Keeping up with technology news is no easy task. Start-ups hatch overnight, new gadgets come out daily and software updates are constant. When a device purchased yesterday becomes obsolete by tomorrow, how do you stay ahead of the curve? To find the answers, I took a look at the best tech blogs.

After analyzing a dozen of them, I noticed three major themes in their execution. The best tech blogs craft compelling content; they increase readership through reach and retention; and they use tech tools to stay competitive. …

When the majority of our daily work happens online, account security becomes a major concern. Businesses have online accounts to access project plans, customer data, employee data, communication tools, apps, websites, newsletters and social media. What happens when these accounts are compromised? Do options exist for adding another layer of security to the standard login process? The short answer: yes. It’s called two-step verification, also known as two-factor authentication.

What is two-step verification?

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Have you ever wondered how to access an emoji keyboard from a computer? I use a MacBook Air to do my work, and wanted to figure out how to add emojis to marketing text without having to type on a mobile device. Searching Google for emojis macbook air unveiled a very cool solution.

Three simple keystrokes

The answer is simple and involves three simple keystrokes from a MacBook keyboard: control + command + spacebar.

Photo Credit Flickr [Matt Kowalczyk]

I’ve been a fan of Shark Week since it was first created as a TV programming series in the late 1980s to dispel myths about sharks. Its success enabled viewers all over the world to appreciate these awesome creatures as way more than just predators circling divers in a cage.

Although Shark Week has recently slid into sensationalism (which has appalled the scientific community because of fictitious and non-factual shows), the result of having a dedicated week to be reminded about the ocean’s wonders can serve as a positive benefit for environmental awareness.

Let’s continue the awareness by considering educational…

Join me on June 15th, 2016, in San Francisco to meet three women business leaders who are are driving success in the kids’ app marketplace. I will be moderating the Women In Tech panel at the Developing Apps for Kids Conference, hosted by Tech With Kids. We will be discussing best practices related to product development, marketing, operations, and key critical success factors for thriving in today’s mobile economy.

Photo Credit Flickr [WOCinTech Chat]

Panelists for Women in Tech: Driving Success in Mobile Apps

Panelists include: Connie Bossert, PhD, CEO and Co-Founder of Fairlady Media; Ariella Lehrer, PhD, CEO of Legacy Interactive; and Nancy MacIntyre, Founder and CEO of Fingerprint Play. These CEOs bring their…

Photo credit Flickr [Brad Flickinger]

As teachers close out the 2015–2016 school year, no doubt they will be planning for 2016–2017 very soon. With digital literacy as a pillar for 21st century learning, using apps for educational purposes may continue to increase in popularity. How do we know which apps have curriculum alignment? The answer isn’t always obvious, but these developers have taken steps to explain how curriculum standards are integrated into their app’s content.

Let’s take a look at how these alignments are presented in case more developers are curious about mapping their app’s academic content to standards frameworks.

Bel Math Apps is a…

Photo Credit Flickr [Nuno Ribeiro]

As a mom of teen girls, why should I care about the apps hipsters are using on their mobile phones? I guess I care because knowing what’s current gives me context while talking with my own kids.

So I started thinking about which apps are popular in contemporary culture and turned my notes into this list. From music and photography to money and transportation, let’s check out what’s deemed necessary by today’s modern youth.


Instagram, VSCO and Google Photos are three apps making an impact on how photos are taken, altered, shared and managed. I use Instagram and have enjoyed…

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